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Lebiz Tokyo Fashion Consulting
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Lebiz Fashion Consulting

Our main goal is to provide you with concrete fashion consulting advice for you to start and develop your sales in Japan with the most suitable strategy in terms of marketing, distribution, products and prices. To achieve these goals, we offer you a range of consulting services suitable to your needs and budget.

Loic Bizel, French, 40 years old, has been working in the fashion industry in Japan for the past 15 years. He has been dealing with the Japanese fashion market “from the inside”, being involved in wholesale and retail activities, as well as fashion consulting for foreign brands and Japanese companies. His experience and connections in the fashion distribution, together with his knowledge of the retailers will help you to tackle the Japanese market in the right way. Since 2006, Lebiz Tokyo has been developing exclusive Benchmark and Special Trends Reports.

Fashion Consulting Services

5 step guidance for bringing your product to market in Japan

  • 1. Market Study “an objective analyze of your products potential in Japan”
  • 2. Trade Mission “a concrete sales approach in Japan”
  • 3. Marketing Strategy “concrete advises on your marketing strategy”
  • 4. Benchmark “quantitative and qualitative information on your competitors”
  • 5. Shop Location Audit “field analysis of the best shop location in Japan”
  • 6. Trends Reports “custom-made products trends”

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